ROM Super Mario

The ultimate game that ruled the industry

Gaming is the greatest addiction that we will never want to cure of it. That’s the very reason why the gaming industry never fall whatever technological advancements happen. Every year, the manufacturers of gaming consoles try to come up with an advanced one that would match the expectations of the gamers corresponding to the current trend. Now you can even download our ROM Super Mario for free.

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But when we look back in the history there will be this game that was almost responsible for the evolution of gaming. It was hugely loved and set as an inspiration to many gaming companies to come up with a similar game that the whole world would enjoy.

That was none other than the ROM Super Mario.

The origin

The Super Mario is a super famous series of side-scrolling platform games created by Nintendo. The origin of the Super Mario can be date back to the 1980s.

The creator of this game is Shigeru Miyamoto who first came up with the design for the Mario game. Then with the help of a proficient team he succeeded in introducing the famous plumber Mario and his brother Luigi to the world.

Back then, this game had been a trend-setter in platform gaming. In fact, Nintendo popularized its consoles through this game series. The Mario series had been released for almost every popular Nintendo video game consoles.

Later, it had also been re-released several times for other consoles like Game Boy Advance, Wii, Wii U virtual consoles etc. The proof of its fame is that this game had been adapted to a feature film, anime and television series.

It holds a sales record of over more than 300 million copies worldwide making a history.


The designers of this game are Shigeru Miyamoto and Takashi Tezuka.

They belong to the Entertainment Analysis and development division of Nintendo back then. When Shigeru Miyamoto came up with a plan for the Mario game his team of proficient engineers and designers helped him to convert his plan into a game.

That shows the world famous Mario started being an example for all other gaming companies. The game is released on a Famicom, the gaming cartridge of Nintendo Entertainment System consoles. In fact, this is the game that helped popularize the Famicom.

At first, Shigeru Miyamoto was determined to design this game with a simple plot and gameplay. Even the controls are simple and smooth. Then gradually he started introducing new levels and elements in the sequels of this game.

Almost after a decade, this game was released in the Super Mario All-Stars edition. It is released for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) console that paved way for the 16-bit graphics.

Then the game was re-released for other advanced consoles. While talking about the development of this game, it is must to include the contribution of the Koji Kondo in popularizing this game.

He is the musicLooking for a ROM super Mario composer of Mario series who composed the BGM as well as special effect sounds in this game. He created a notion that music is an essential part of the game.

Hence, he designed the music in a way that it co-ordinated with the movements of some sprites in the game. He had to make several adjustments before finalizing the music of the game.

The plot and gameplay

The Mario’s adventure in the Mushroom Kingdom is the very start of a gaming saga. The elements in the game attracted the gamers belong with the 1980s.

They’d grown used to enjoying all the newly released Mario game with the same amount of enthusiasm. In the Super Mario game, the Mario goes on to fight the Koopas of evil King Bowser and save the Mushroom Kingdom from him.

The game didn’t have aNeed a Super Mario Rom? complex plot but had a gripping gameplay. All through the game Mario or Luigi would face an army of turtles called Koopas and at the end of each world players would face a boss villain.

This game has a total of eight worlds and each world has four stages. Apart from that, the game holds many secret areas where the players could collect extra coins or special items and even advance to another world skipping the levels in-between.

The ultimate mission of this game is to save the Princess Toadstool. She is the only one capable of reversing the spell of the evil King Bowser. He cast a dark magic spell to ensnare the innocent inhabitants of the Mushroom Kingdom in the bricks and stones.

Super Mario Bros. series

The Super Mario series is also called as Super Mario Bros. series that included the following.

  • Super Mario Bros. 2
  • Super Mario Bros. 3
  • Super Mario World
  • Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island

In the Super Mario World game, Shigeru Miyamoto introduced a new dinosaur character called Yoshi that became a star character outright.

Following its fame, it became the playable main character in the sequel Yoshi’s Island. There it’ll go on a quest to save escort baby Mario to his brother Luigi who’s kidnapped by the evil Bowser. In all the games in the series, the elements used in the first Super Mario game retained in slightly different forms.

Starting from the first game, the action of Mario remained jumping and running. Mario will destroy the Koopas by jumping and landing on them. This had been followed by all the games in the series. Still, some of the abilities are updated such as a spin jump attack introduced in the Super Mario World game.

Super Mushroom

Out of several elements in the game, the Mushroom remained the famous one. In the rom super Mario, the Super Mushroom will help Mario to grow to double his size. It would make him break the bricks and indestructible for one attack from the Koopas.

Likewise, the Mushroom appeared in almost every Mario game. When the Mario is in his super-size, the blocks that would generally contain a Super Mushroom will give the most powerful Power-up item.

Fire Flower

It is called as Fire flower that would enable Mario to shoot the enemies. Then followed the Poison Mushroom that appeared first in the Super Mario Bros. 2 game is capable of taking away one life from the Mario. It is designed as a dark blue-capped mushroom to show it apart from the Super Mushroom.

Later, in the games that followed, they changed its design as the red-capped mushroom that almost looks like the Super Mushroom but with a mean expression. The Mini Mushroom was introduced in the New Super Mario Bros.

Series which is a blue colored one in a small size. This mushroom act in opposition to the Super Mushroom as it would reduce the size of the Mario. This is also an advantageous item that allows Mario to gain access to the areas that a normal-sized Mario can never enter.

Mario Floats in Midair

It also enables Mario to float in the midair and walk in the water. But, the Mario is least strong in this size. The Mega Mushroom was also introduced in this game that increases its size to a gigantic one and in that size, Mario becomes indestructible.

It easily destroys all the ground enemies by running through them. Apart from the mushrooms many other elements such as Power-up suits. Raccoon suit, Tanooki suit, Frog suit, Penguin suit, Catsuit, Bee suit etc., were introduced in the later versions of the game.

But the mushroom is the one that retained in the game since the first Super Mario game. The fact that the Nintendo promised something new in every game of the Mario series made the gamers wait for their release. Mario never disappointed the gamers in terms of story as well as gameplay.

They helped the American gaming industry resurrect from the crash it confronted back in the 1980s. Since then Mario remained a strong influence in the Gamers’ lives all around the world.


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